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The Milk India Company

Quality of food, and health, continues to grow as an area of concern in the urban life, generating a pervasive sense of suspicion over the provisions present today besides another one of a nostalgia for a more nutritious past. By providing purity that is tested and proven in the basic unit of nutrition in any household- Milk, we at “The Milk India Company” intend to join the bandwagon that aims to serve this social need with our own aims and offers.

Our main aim is to introduce in the fast urban lifestyle of our customers an assured touch of the older days of better nutrition, thus to also eventually lead them to a life of more awareness towards health.

  • About our Milk:  Our milk is pure cow milk, which comes raw, unpasteurised with zero adulteration & zero processing involved , certified by ” National Dairy Research Institute of India”. Because of its high standards of hygiene & quality control, Milk India Co. is the best cow milk in every way- bottled & delivered freshexactly after its milking to your doorstep through a process that is completely mechanised from start to finish. This ensures that you reap all  the benefits of milk.
  • Our Packaging:  Glass is one of the safest materials, non toxic & non reactive, as compared to other packaging materials like plastic, which can leach into food products. Our brand values do not go with plastic, thus we use glass bottles.
  • Our Cows:  Pedigreed, perfect & pampered our Desi Cows & Holstein known for their ability to produce high quality milk. The cows are bestowed with care by a specially trained team. Our cows get a planned, wholesome meal ever day, with our specially grown high quality alfalfa, pennisetum, greens, soya & bran. Our Nutritionists ensure the right balance of minerals & vitamins & customized menu plans.The “total meal ration” is designed to keep cows at the pinnacle of health, with one purpose in mind: the production of nutritive, wholesome milk that is naturally full of goodness.
  • Our Customer Base: Currently delivering to 600 families, especially parents who take our real milk for their children in societies like  Poorva Skywood, Sobha Cinnamon, Sobha Classic, Ozone Evergreens, Park Vista, SJR Watermark, Springfield, Mantri Flora, Salarpuria Senorita, Sanctity, Divyasree Elan, Mantri Glades, Suncity Gloria & Uber Verdant.
  • Why our Customers subscribe with us: Our customers are getting pure milk early morning exactly after its milking with all nutrition intact. Did you know, milk looses its nutritional value after two days, and accord. to the research 68% of the families in INdia are consuming milk which has been milked & packed after 2-7 days before reaching our home. So if we think, we are consuming milk which has already lost its nutritional value to a great extent

    Our customer are getting milk packed in glass bottle, we do not realise but plastic affects our family’s health in long run.