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We intend to join the bandwagon that aims to serve this social need with our own aims and offers.
Our main aim is to introduce in the fast urban lifestyle of our customers an assured touch of the older days of better nutrition, thus to also eventually lead them to a life of more awareness towards health

Our Milk


Our milk is pure cow milk, which comes raw, unpasteurised with zero adulteration & zero processing involved , checked by ” National Dairy Research Institute of India”. Because of its high standards of hygiene & quality control, Milk India Co. is the best cow milk in every way- bottled & delivered fresh exactly after its milking to your doorstep through a process that is completely mechanised from start to finish. This ensures that you reap all  the benefits of milk.

Milk quality is determine by the cows health.


The health of a cow directly determines the quality of the milk it produces. The diet of the cow becomes very crucial then. So we ensure that the milk in the cow’s udder is produced of the best quality by monitoring their diet and the quality of the fodder that they consume.

Vet Support

If a cow is sick, its WBC count increases and the milk produced in such condition shouldn’t be consumed. But who will tell us this? Only a Vet can, which is why we ensure that we have a Vet’s constant watch on the health of the cows before it is milked.

Adulteration test

On a daily basis, we take the necessary steps for testing for adulteration like the Fat%, SNF% quality. Only then do we begin our packaging or we don’t go ahead at all. Moreover, we readily hand over the results of the tests to any customer who wishes to see it.


Glass bottle is a unique concept and this is the reason why I thought to give The Milk India Company a try and I added it to my daily routine. The brightening glow on my skin is amazing and came to my attention, when all my friends pointed it out. Since then, I drink 2 glasses of this milk every day, without fail.

Mehek AkhtarJain Heights Sarjapur

When I switched to glass bottle milk by The Milk India Company, my mother from my native town had paid me a visit, and she made curd and paneer from the same milk at home. I could taste the difference clearly. Now, we make tasty curd, paneer at home its does not comes too thick like how we get in market, does not look that attractive too but I must say the purest form what we are having now.

AnsuSenorita Salarpuria

When it comes to my family's health, I want an assurance of purity and originality from the milk that we are taking. This is exactly what we got from The Milk India Company. The milk delivered by them at our doorstep is freshly milked the same morning from cows that are bred in a pesticides-free environment, in neat glass bottles. This milk tastes just the same that I had in my childhood and is really tasty. The flavor is on-point and the cost is convenient too, considering purity is priceless. This milk is a fresh and healthy substitute to the not-so-tasty and not very fresh milk that is available in the market at cheaper rates. I understand the tedious efforts it requires to make the milk free from any artificial enhancers and thus feel, this is a right investment.

Free from any artificial enhancers
Rajesh Megabee Suncity Gloria

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